Pamela Martel

Pamela Martel’s more than 15 years working in the medical and software fields along with her training in Structural Thinking give her an unusually broad base of experience. She specializes in technical writing and one of her greatest skills is being able to take complex information and make it understandable.

Martel’s nine years of experience working in the medical field provides her with knowledge of medical situations and terminology. She has worked with doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, support staff, and patients.

She spent six years at a software company where she worked directly with the company president, vice presidents, project managers, developers, implementers and support staff. Her tasks ran the gamut from creating and maintaining an employee training manual to designing and editing marketing collateral. The project she enjoyed the most was translating the Creating Your Life course from an in-person based class to a web based format.

Martel is a certified trainer for Robert Fritz’s Managerial Moment of Truth, and Creating Your Life courses. Her training in Structural Thinking and as a Structural Consultant have sharpened her ability to quickly understand enigmatic situations and evaluate a company or individual’s structure from the standpoint of effectiveness.

Her Bachelor of Arts degree is in English Literature from the University of Nevada, Reno.