Marketing and Public Relations

An award-winning print and broadcast journalist and business communicator, Carol Infranca logged nine years as Director of Communications for the Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority. During that time she worked with both public and private organizations and their boards of directors. She understands the critical role communications play in keeping everyone “in the loop” during the Marketing, Public Relations, Community Relations and Media Relations process.

Identifying Opportunities

Carol Infranca & Associates Oregon based Marketing & Public Relations techniques are clever and those designed to garner “free publicity” in the form of media coverage have an extremely high success rate.

All campaigns designed by Carol Infranca & Associates incorporate PR programs to stretch limited marketing dollars.

Carol Infranca & Associates can identify publicity opportunities and utilize those opportunities to keep your company in the forefront of stakeholder’s minds.

A senior level Marketing and Public Relations strategist from Carol Infranca & Associates will always be the one to define media group targets for press releases and media advisories regarding your products, programs and services.

Only senior level Public Relations strategists will create press releases and media advisories utilizing Associated Press style – in clear, concise language calculated to receive print placement.

Carol Infranca & Associates can take advantage of Public Relations opportunities to promote your company good works.

Carol Infranca & Associates is eager to work with individuals or your team members to establish Publicity goals to promote products, programs and services and develop a strategy to meet those goals.

Carol Infranca & Associates regularly provides media reports on press release distribution and can provide a clipping service for an additional fee.

Carol Infranca & Associates can produce award-winning copy for your brochures, publications and web content.

Solid News Background

Public Relations programs producing “free media coverage” from reporters and editors can extend the reach of marketing dollars.

Both a print and broadcast journalist, Carol Infranca knows what reporters need because she was one. A reporter and editor for 17 years, she knows a press release or media advisory has four seconds in an editor’s hand before it will either end up on an assignment sheet or in the “round” file. She currently writes for two newspapers so her news writing skills are sharp.

Her crisp writing style facilitates the placement of press releases and Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) for groups she represents. If PSA’s are clever and well produced, they receive more airtime -- they get played more often and your organization will receive more recognition.

Press releases, news stories and copy Infranca has written, newsletters and brochures she has developed and videos she has produced have been deemed “excellent” by professional organizations. She has a wall full of awards.

Currently, her byline appears in special sections of the Reno Gazette-Journal produced by their Custom Publishing Group, in the new newspaper, South Reno Weekly. Her copy can also be found in several convention and visitor planner publications and tourism magazines.